Saturday, February 21, 2015

More Goldfish Babies

More Goldfish Babies
This Oranda baby is not well and same for one only half visible

I went that petshop again for buying fish food and ended up buying another two pairs of baby Goldfish. I told in my previous post that I want to get few more like another Black Moor and the Panda Goldfish I saw but had to change plan because all good fish were gone and only left were not so good fish.

Since I already have on Black Moor I bought anther one to make it a pair. I picked one with good Google eyes / telescope eyes but later I found he/she has bent tail fin. well its not bad or noticeable so I guess it's okey.

Like I mentioned in last post I tried to find that beautiful long tail one I saw last time and I found this guy with a tail like butterfly. I'm not sure it's the same one but I picked him too. or her I think that might be "her" even though they are still too young to gender.

I found this ting red cap like Goldfish and I picked that one too. That's the one you see in photo. He/She is not so doing well. Spending time on surface and I don't like how things happening. I don't know it's dying or just something else. I have put meds because grills looked little too red and this petshop is known for neglecting fish so I always quarantine fish which I buy from there.

Other guy who you can see only half has something wrong too. I'm not sure it's something wrong in body shape. Anyway as you can see he/she like to stay in bottom with head on floor. I have no idea what's wrong with him either but I think it's doubtful if these two last long.

I should had more careful when I picked these guys. There are plenty of others left but those are just normal Goldfish which looks too common. Anyway I think that's enough Goldfish for now so I won't buy anymore. (I always tell this). If they make to to next week I think it will be fine and I will move them to bigger tank where others are in.

Anyway I found this Pet Food brand called Repashy. Little expensive than usual food but I found they have high quality products. Fish love it. They don't have anything specifically for Goldfish but I feed them one called Repashy Soilent Green ( HERE ). It's for  Replacement food for Algae and Small living Organisms which is good for Goldfish babies. You should try it if you have CiChlids or Pelco or even for Goldfish.

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