Saturday, March 7, 2015

More Redcaps and Shubunkin

More Redcaps and Shubunkin
Freshwater Aquarium Problem Solver by David E. Boruchowitz

First of all this photo above is not from my fish. It's the cover of book called Freshwater Aquarium Problem Solver by David E. Boruchowitz. Not about Goldfish but it's about how to take care of an Aquarium and what to do in tricky situations. A great book for kids and anyone who is inexperienced about the subject. Good book for those who start keeping fish without no idea what they should do and they decided fish committed suicide when he/she made a stupid mistake and messed up tank.

Back to my story, well I finally gave up resisting the idea of buying pair of Shubunkins. I wanted to them for a while now but didn't want to over crowd my tanks. But at end I had to have them and since I have already setup air pumps for my out door tanks I thought to do it. So yesterday I went to petshop and I was in for a surprise. That Oranda tank was refilled ! This times lots more fish. There were few redcaps too! So I had to recuse them! lol

I ended by catching 5 goldfish. Four of them look like Redcaps and I'm sure two are redcap Orandas. There is pair of long body Goldfish I'm not sure Oranda or not. Will see after few months weather they have Redcap or a Redpatch. Also I took 3 Shubunkins. Not  the most beautiful but they are colorful and nice. Also they are very small still so plenty of time to have more colors. 

I feel like having three more Shubunkins and many one Gold color Oranda. I must forget about the idea since now I'm nearly at limit unless I do some changes to my tank setups. Summer heat is getting even hotter and I'm glad I have already taken care of outdoor tanks oxygen problem with air pumps.

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