Monday, March 9, 2015

No More Fish From That PetShop

Pearlscale Goldfish
Pearlscale Goldfish

Last few weeks I have bought nearly a dozen Goldfish from this petshop where they looks like mistreat fish. It's no point of complaining them about it but I did buy some Goldfish from there and noticed most these fish are not exactly perfect fish. They have some kind of error in somethings like body, fins etc. But I didn't mind it since I just want to have some Goldfish right now and didn't thought much about the quality. For average I i don't think most these stuff are noticeable.

Last time I bought 5 Oranda Goldfish and three Shubunkins. It looks like these Shubunkins are not perfects ether. They do have some sort of bend in their spin which is not visible unless you look carefully. But it's there are I think all these fish are what a breeder would call "cullings". Most visible thing is those Pearlscales I had bought early had short grill plates. So it seems this guy has bought or taken all throw away fish from a breeder and selling it for higher price.  I don't mind he selling these fish and since I bought anyone buying from there going to breed so no harm done and also those poor guys get homes. But selling them for price they are not worth making it look like they are quality Goldfish is bad.

So that's the last time I bought any fish from there. At least Goldfish. I don't think I will buy any other fish from anywhere soon but still this petshop won't be the place I go for that when the time comes. Anyway I don't there are lots of adult Oranda Goldfish in market these days. Someone must have released a big stock to a market. Probably and exporter who missed an order.

But I haven't seen any Lionheads or other fancy goldfish in market for a while now. Even PearlsScale Goldfish are hard to find these days. I bought a BlackMoor pair and haven't seen any of them in petshops in my area either.

If you want a good book about how to take care of Goldfish and also how to find high quality Goldfish then check these books, Fancy Goldfish: Complete Guide To Care And Collecting or Kingyo: The Artistry of Japanese Goldfish. Both these books are seriously good reading material for any Goldfish keeper. Check Amazon for reviews and I don't think you will regret buying these books. I haven't. haha.

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