Saturday, April 4, 2015

More Pearlscale Goldfish

Pearlscale Goldfish

It's been nearly month since my last post so I thought to create another post since so many things happened.  I lost two of these lovely Pearlscales and it must be the heat. Now I have set up air pumps in full power for all my out door tanks I haven't had any deaths since then. Here, this is the hottest time of the year and heat is even unbearable for us.

Well even though I said I won't buy anymore Goldfish from that shop but I went there to buy fish food and air tubes but then end up buying some more fish. This time I bought a lot ! Also I found out these Pearlscales are supplied to the ship buy one of my old friends. he confirmed me these are not throw outs from export fish. He breed Goldfish and sell. But even this lot were so not great so I think the reason for bad quality is because they haven't treated well. Probably hadn't fed any good quality food and haven't done water changes. Anyway I bought 2 pairs of Pearlscales again. They are smaller and cheaper and haven't even got their colors yet.

This time I bought something I really shouldn't have. That's two Koi's !!! One Yellow color Koi and a white one with red spot on head. I think these are the Koi type called Tancho. I just had to buy because they are still very small and beautiful but I don't know what I'm gonna do with them when they grow up!

Plus I bought another three Shubunkins. This time I carefully inspected them before choosing. I made sure they have correct body shape but didn't bother much about their colors. So they are mostly red and black but have nice longer tails.

I added two small Calico Goldifsh which I found in a tank right below the Shunindin tank. They have long bodies and very short caudal fins. I hope they would look nice when they grow bigger.

Oh I bought five Angelfish too. They are the type called Koi Angelfish. I bought five of these guys are all except one have white bodies with black here and there. Now I have more fish than I should have. These Angelfish are not exactly peaceful so they need a separate tank. I would be cool if I found another few Angelfish from different types and setup an Amazon river tank.

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