Monday, February 13, 2017

Bought Ranchu Goldfish

I have never had Ranchu Goldfish before. I had wanted to but where I live Ranchu is not a popular or common goldfish type you can find in pet shop. Mainly because they are usually expensive and not easy to keep like other more common Goldfish types like Oranda or Ryukin. I saw them several times in one pet shop which is known for exporting rare fish but they were too expensive for me.

So This weekend I went the near by petshop which is known for cheap tanks but horribly neglecting fish. There I found three Ranchu guys in a tank along with 2 Pearlscales. And I was horrified to see these 2 Pearlscales has massive lice attached to their bodies. I was shocked to see that and demanded owner to do something about it. I asked him to isolate these 2 poor fish and put some meds or salt. But he just put group of angel into that tank. I was skeptical about the whole thing but then to Amazement I found most of lice are gone from those 2 Goldfish. So those angel fish have done their job.

Anyway I bought those 3 Ranchu right away. I did want to rescue them but also I wanted to have them since I have never had them before. I just paid $6 for 3 of them. They were not quality fish or anything but still Ranchu. You can see those 3 guys in above photo. 2 males and 1 female. Metal color one in middle is the female. They are right now in my quarantine tank.

They will be the final and last addition to my already crowded 55 gallon tank. That tank already has like 10 Goldfish, 2 tiny angelfish and 2 baby Pearl Guramies. Too many fish for it's size but all of these guys are small and I do have a good filter system and also do frequent water changes like once in 2 days.

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