Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pearlscale Facts

Not My Fish

Recently I bought two pairs of Pearlscale Goldfish. I always wanted to have a pair of this crazy looking fancy Goldfish but since I was more into Cichild fish I didn't want to get mixed up with Goldfish too. anyway I bought these funny fish from pet shop near by. I don't think what I got are show quality fish also I feel really sad about fish they keep because it looks more most of those Pearclscales are have one or another illness. Some were having Fin Rot and some were having Anchor Worm problem. Even one of those four I bought had a anchor worm attached which I got rid of. I want to buy more just to give cure them and give them better life but I don't have enough space for that.

These guys are also known as Ping Pong Goldfsh and also Japanese name is Chinshurin. Their origin is not clear but believed to be imported to Japan from China and then farther developed in to more varieties. They are not for everyone. Most Goldfish fans dislike them even I was told by many of my friends that these buggers are ugly. Even my brother asked something wrong with their stomachs. It says they can grow big into size of tennis balls. 

Pearlscales are sensitive to water temperature They are not fans of too cold weather or water. Also have to be careful not to overfeed them. They are already fat and might unable swim with weight if they become fatter than they should be.  Also since they have quite sensitive to water quality careful when you do water changes.

These days they come in many shapes and colors since they have been cross breeded with other types. Not exactly an expensive or very rare breed but these ping pong Goldfish are not recommended for first timers or beginners. They need special care and attention.

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