Monday, May 26, 2014

Wild Angelfish Video

Wild Angelfish Video
Pterophyllum Altum
Angelfish is one of the most popular freshwater fish in aquarium trade. Everyone loves these paper thin and beautiful slow moving fish. They are belongs to the branch called in Pterophyllum in Cichlid family. This branch only has 3 types of fish and all these Angelfish types are from Amazon basin. These 3 original Angelfish types are known as Pterophyllum scalare, Pterophyllum Altum and Pterophyllum Leopoldi.

Today I watched this youtube video of Amazon wild fish where they had caught a Pterophyllum Altum and a school of young L183 Pleco. The guy who's making the video keep this poor Angelfish too long out of water for the video and I think he shouldn't have done that. Anyway That's a beautiful specimen of Pterophyllum Altum.

These days it's really hard to find pure blood original Angelfish because of there are so many types of hybrids. Angelfish breeders making more and more new types of Angelfish just like they do with Discus fish. So it's really hard to find the original fish and it's even harder to fish wild caught fish.

Personally I never buy wild fish. They are way too expensive and way too sensitive for water conditions and food and most of all I don't think we should take them off from their natural habitats. We have enough tank bred fish for aquarium trade so we should live these wild fish along.

Anyway here's the video,

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