Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Keeping your Goldfish Happy

Keeping your Goldfish Happy
A Beautiful Pearlscale Goldfish

I think most of us, fish keepers who love this hobby want to give everything best for fish we have. These fish keeps us happy and we also want to keep them happy. Only difference is they are relay on us about everything so only we can do it.

Whatever fish you have it's important to understand everything about them from their origin, natural habitats, food, behavior etc. Only then you can find out what your fish needs and what they expect from you. It's all same for Goldfish too. That 3 second memory of Goldfish is a total BH. I read a research paper few years back which suggested they can memory can be long as 2-3 months. Also they can recognize their owner from other people.

So I think it's really a good idea to read about these beautiful Goldfish and learn everything you can before buying then if you are a first time buyer or you don't know about them. There are several really good books about Goldfish out there which I have bought. Fancy Goldfish: Complete Guide To Care And Collecting [Here] is my favorite book about Goldfish.It's a hardcover book with so much information and also great photos. Also there are few really good books like Aquarium Care of Goldfish [Here], Goldfish Success: What it takes to keep goldfish healthy long-term [Here], Goldfish: Your Happy Healthy Pet [Here] etc. You can try to find those or check Amazon for cheaper prices.

One of the most important things which people ted to ignore when it comes to Goldfish is water conditions. Since they are known as hardy fish which can survive winter and also as pond fish people give less attention to water quality. There are many Goldfish types which can survive for little while in not so good water but this going to be make them stress so badly and give all kinds of problems like deceases, stunted growth and also other mutations. It's high recommend going smaller water changes at least 2-3 times a week. Specially if you have Goldfish which are less than one year old then you should do frequent water changes and it will faster their growth and also will keep them healthy and mutations free. Also it's important to check your tanks water condition when you do a big water change. I keep the water tester kit called  API Freshwater Master Test Kit which is high recommended. I'm not sure the price but it's not expensive. You can check Amazon for reviews and latest prices.

Oxygen is another big factor. Goldfish need Oxygen and lots of it. Yes you probably see them survive in tanks without air pumps or circulation but adding a air pump will make them even happier and grow faster. You will see them are active more too.

Quality food is another things. I think we all know Goldfish shouldn't be overfed. They don't have stomachaches and have digestive problems which cause things like bloating. I think the best practice is feed them a little, couple of times a day not more than 4 times. Don't feed Adult Goldfish live food or high protein food too often. Better give them carbohydrate rich food because they are mainly pant eaters.

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